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(tye)Re: Running Perl code from a Windows service

by tye (Sage)
on Sep 19, 2001 at 01:44 UTC ( #113226=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Running Perl code from a Windows service

Services run in interesting security contexts. In WinNT, from the Services control panel you can click "Startup" and request that the server be given access to the desktop (unless you've configured a non-default security context for that service already). This might be the problem that you are having. I'll try to check later if this is the same on Win2K.

        - tye (but my friends call me "Tye")
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Re: (tye)Re: Running Perl code from a Windows service
by HamNRye (Monk) on Sep 19, 2001 at 02:46 UTC

    A few things: Services can interact with the command line or the network, not both. Services will fail if they must do both.

    Use the srvany.exe to run your perl script as a service.


      Services can interact with the command line or the network
      I think you mean desktop as opposed to command line.

      By default, the service will probably run as LocalSystem - which has the option of accessing the desktop, but can't access the network. If you run it as a domain\workgroup user, it will be able to access the network and it will be able to spawn processes, but they won't be visible to the interactive user.

      Finally, I prefer Win32::Daemon to srvany.exe - It's a bit more work, but so much more powerful.

      update: No. I don't have shares in Dave Roth!

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        A service should not need to access the desktop. It can, BTW, throw up a message box for an error and it will be visible to any desktop that's current. There's a special flag in MessageBox for this.

        But the service will normally work behind the scenes. Another program, running as a normal program in the current interactive user's account, can interact with the user and communicate with the service. That's the model MS describes.

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