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Answer: Security using MySQL & CGI

by comatose (Monk)
on May 15, 2000 at 17:49 UTC ( #11616=categorized answer: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Q&A > database programming > How can I secure MySQL & CGI? - Answer contributed by comatose

You should always use as much security as you can. There's no such thing as too much.

So besides choosing the right database, I recommend some sort of two-way encryption of any sensitive information. There are a variety of methods to accomplish it, and you'll want to choose one that works well in your situation.

One example that I've used takes advantage of a randomly generated password that unlocks each individual order on the site. Without that password, the credit card number is junk. However, we still make it possible to see contact information just in case someone loses the password for that order. Because there's only one person involved in receiving the orders, it's quite practical.

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