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Re: Reusing camel code

by chromatic (Archbishop)
on Dec 03, 2001 at 00:00 UTC ( #129000=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Reusing camel code

split looks like a better choice than a regex. I whittled away at this and came up with the untested:
for (split(/:/, $$pattern)) { # make sure it starts and ends with spaces $_ = 'S0' . $_ unless /^S/; $_ .= 'S0' unless /S\d+$/; my @pieces = split(/[SF](\d+)/, $_); while (my ($spaces, $fills) = splice(@pieces, 0, 2)) { $out .= " " x $spaces . substr($camel, $camelcount, $fills); } $out .= "\n"; }
I'm fairly pleased with that, but might try to fit a pack in there. (How would you have used map?)

Aside, this:

while (/(.)/g) { $camel .= $1 if $1 ne " "; }
could be spelled:
tr/ //d; $camel .= $_;
I'm sure you can trim that down more, too. Don't forget to check out Acme::EyeDrops for a different take on things.

Update, very shortly after: You could, of course, just split on [SF] and probably get the same effect, though you'll have an empty element at the start. It may or may not be more clear that way.

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Re: Re: Reusing camel code
by gmax (Abbot) on Dec 03, 2001 at 15:19 UTC
    Thank you very much for your hints. I tested your code
    for (split(/:/, $$pattern)) { $_ = 'S0' . $_ unless /^S/; $_ .= 'S0' unless /S\d+$/; print STDERR "pattern: $_\n"; my @pieces = split(/[SF](\d+)/, $_); foreach my $count (0..$#pieces) { print STDERR "$count -> [$pieces[$count]] "; } print STDERR "\n"; }
    But I got an odd output. Split gives back some empty items
    pattern: S51F11S0 0 -> [] 1 -> [51] 2 -> [] 3 -> [11] 4 -> [] 5 -> [0]
    Changing split to match only /[SF]/ (your update suggestion) and adding a shift afterwards improves the output,
    pattern: S51F11S0 0 -> [51] 1 -> [11] 2 -> [0]
    leaving me with the second problem, i.e. that having an odd number of items in my array, splice(@,0,2) will give back an undefined second element.
    Nothing catastrophic, but it is going to increase the number of necessary checks.
    Even if it doesn't do what I need, though, this code of yours gives me some ideas that I can further develop.
    As for the second hint:
    tr/ //d; $camel .= $_;
    yes, it looks much faster (not to mention smarter) than my code.
    Ciao gmax

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