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Answer: User Interface with menus/fill in the blanks

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Q&A > input and output > User Interface with menus/fill in the blanks contributed by c0d34w4y

I wrote up a bunch of code that implements drop down 
menus with shadows + dialog windows and other 
GUI stuff for PASCAL (DOS mode) using a bit
of Assembly code for core display functionality.
The GUI may also be initialized from special
configuration files (say, something similar
to Visual C++ Project resource files) describing
various menu features/layout/content.

All this is OOP so implementing in one's code 
should be a rather trivial task.

I'm not sure how that could be ported to anything
actually...  except if I modified (slightly)
those Pascal libraries so that they could be
used from within a C/C++ code.  This, than, could
be somehow incorporated with Perl to get the
desired result.

catch me in the monastery if you
wish to talk more about this.
My monk id is c0d34w4y.

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