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Re: Perl's pearls

by TomK32 (Monk)
on Dec 31, 2001 at 15:34 UTC ( #135365=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Perl's pearls

It's a very cool script but what I'm missing is using two words for input or even getting a two-word-anagram like this example:
Jim Morrison -> Mr. Mojo Risin'

paco for president
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Multiple words anagrams (challenge) Re: Perl's pearls
by gmax (Abbot) on Jan 02, 2002 at 11:33 UTC
    This is a real challenge (at least for me).
    Finding (multiple) words that are anagrams of a given phrase is much more complex than finding the simple anagrams. However, we can do something, at least to find up to three words corresponding to a given input.

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