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Re: (cLive ;-) Re: Installation Script

by jonjacobmoon (Pilgrim)
on Jan 24, 2002 at 08:29 UTC ( #141133=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (cLive ;-) Re: Installation Script
in thread Installation Script

Thanks, but I wanted to find something that assumes no modules. I think I am just going to assume CPAN and give up on the idea of a no-module option.

I admit it, I am Paco.

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(cLive ;-) Re: Installation Script
by cLive ;-) (Prior) on Jan 25, 2002 at 01:13 UTC
    Yes, but you can install most Perl modules in a user directory, so if you do rely on them, you can install them and add:
    use lib '/path/to/modules';
    before requiring the locally installed modules.

    cLive ;-)

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