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chatterbox autoreply (re: chatterbox: proposal for enhancement)

by N-Wing (Deacon)
on Mar 09, 2002 at 11:34 UTC ( #150545=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to chatterbox: proposal for enhancement

from the stealing-stuff-from-E2 dept.

E2 has had a lazy-user's reply thing for a while. There are 2 separate forms that need updating: Message Inbox and the chatterbox nodelet. It is client-side, so it requires JavaScript enabled. (But there is a pref to turn this on and off, so it isn't required.) When enabled, private messages have an extra (r) link that when clicked, copies "/msg <var>user_name</var> " to the message area. Simple but effective.

From a quick scan of E2, there are several things that need to be added/changed. (Note: the links to the code view on E2 require that you are a member of the edev usergroup there to see it.*)

  • openform2 (htmlcode) - IIRC, this was needed so the Message Inbox wouldn't conflict with the chatterbox
  • chatterbox (nodelet) - lines 1-8
  • showmessages (htmlcode) (on PM, this is showprivatemessages (htmlcode)) - around line 92, but also 94-104 if PM gets real usergroup support (a separate field in the message table for that target usergroup)
  • Message Inbox (superdoc) (IMO, this is way bloated on E2 due to a zillion and one options it deals with) - lines 1-15 and 243; for extra fun, the current way (with radio buttons, serverside) could display for people who don't have the JS pref enabled, and the JS way for those that do)

I think that covers all of it.

E2 has another way to message a specific user - every user has a /msg box on their homenodes that will send the message right to them. displayUserInfo (htmlcode) covers that, and a bunch of other user display stuff.

* If you want to be in edev on E2, /msg me there.

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