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Re: 'Cos it's a Sin :)

by sm3g (Hermit)
on Mar 10, 2002 at 02:39 UTC ( #150653=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to 'Cos it's a Sin :)

This is really cool.

To get it run I had to change the shebang line to:
#!/usr/bin/perl -w ########             

I think that's padded with the correct number of spaces to the right. For some reason I couldn't make it correct within <code> tags here so I had to put it in <pre>
I'll have to play with Deparse and see if I can figure out what this is doing.
Oh, and I like the pun. :)

Update: Your new first line still doesn't work on my system. When I run it I get
sm3g-~/perl/obfu$ ./ bash: ./ No such file or directory

I've had this happen before with other shell scripts and I'm pretty sure this is because bash sees the shebang line, looks for /usr/bin/perl-w (so the executable would have to be "perl-w") and can't find it. Maybe you have "perl-w" aliased to "perl -w"?
When I try it with #!/usr/bin/perl -w######## I get Unrecognized switch: -#######  (-h will show valid options). I think perl is trying to parse the #### as options.

This is all on a pretty vanilla Linux Mandrake 8.1 with Perl 5.6.0
What OS are you running? Mine might just be messing with my head today. :)

Update2 Electric Boogaloo: I finally decided the best way to run this was to just do a perl It makes everything happy, birds sing, butterflies start floating by and all the children of the world sing together in harmony. Well, at least one of those.

perl -le 's;;uoli;;$a=length;y;g-w;e-u;;;$a--;s;j;$a;;print'

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