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Re: Re: interchange for e-commerce?

by dshahin (Pilgrim)
on Mar 13, 2002 at 21:16 UTC ( #151526=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: interchange for e-commerce?
in thread interchange for e-commerce?

thanks for the tip. seems like they have just what I need. should I buy a certificate from them too, the price seems a little steep to me.

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Re: Re: Re: interchange for e-commerce?
by maverick (Curate) on Mar 13, 2002 at 21:28 UTC
    The price is pretty steep...but there aren't many choices.

    Now here's the part that really sucks. All the certificate gets you is not having a dialog box pop up in the browser that says "we don't know who these people are. do you want to trust them?" If you click yes, then everything works exactly as it would if you went to say eBay or some other such site.

    Basically what the certificate from versign is, is a third party that the browser already trusts saying that your site is to be trusted. Pure psychology, dialog boxes of that sort tend to spook me the whole thing is a racket.

    perl -l -e "eval pack('h*','072796e6470272f2c5f2c5166756279636b672');"

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