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Answer: Is this call frowned upon? &method($objectref, $more_params)?

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Q&A > object-oriented programming > Is this call frowned upon? &method($objectref, $more_params)? contributed by merlyn

Why not just
? What are you gaining by your "method" (heh) except the chance to miss out on inheritance?

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RE: Answer: Is this call frowned upon? &method($objectref, $more_params)?
by rvbijl (Initiate) on May 30, 2000 at 05:17 UTC
    The reason being is that I have a of languageX => \&init_languageX, and I want to just get the method funciton from the hash instead of doing a lot of ifs. But, i couldn't get the call to work without doing it my way. Why would it lose out on inherritance, if $self we got it like this:
    sub set_lang { my $self = shift; my $lang = shift; ... &{$lang_to_func{$lang}}(...); }
    Ryan --
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