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Re: Re: Golf -- compute PI

by PrakashK (Pilgrim)
on Apr 16, 2002 at 04:34 UTC ( #159413=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Golf -- compute PI
in thread Golf -- compute PI

# 23 Characters
use Math::Trig;warn pi;
Why warn, when you can die saving one more character?
# 22 Characters use Math::Trig;die pi;
And, you can shave one more character, if you don't care for that pesky semi-colon at the end.

Oh, never mind. We are not supposed to use trig functions.


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Re: Re: Re: Golf -- compute PI
by Sweeper (Pilgrim) on Apr 16, 2002 at 05:50 UTC
    You can get the same result with 20 chars:
    die 3.14159265358979
    I found this trick in Logique, informatique et paradoxes, publisher Belin (Pour la Science), page 67, it was about the shorter program to get (not compute) pi with n digits.

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