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Re: A better mod (%) operator?

by rinceWind (Monsignor)
on Jul 08, 2002 at 23:29 UTC ( #180350=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to A better mod (%) operator?

If you take a look at Math::BigInt, you will find that the method bdiv in list context returns quotient and remainder.
SYNOPSIS use Math::BigInt; $i = Math::BigInt->new($string); $i->bneg return BINT negation $i->babs return BINT absolute value $i->bcmp(BINT) return CODE compare numbers (undef,<0,=0,>0) $i->badd(BINT) return BINT addition $i->bsub(BINT) return BINT subtraction $i->bmul(BINT) return BINT multiplication $i->bdiv(BINT) return (BINT,BINT) division (quo,rem) just quo if sc +alar $i->bmod(BINT) return BINT modulus $i->bgcd(BINT) return BINT greatest common divisor $i->bnorm return BINT normalization $i->blsft(BINT) return BINT left shift $i->brsft(BINT) return (BINT,BINT) right shift (quo,rem) just quo if + scalar $i->band(BINT) return BINT bit-wise and $i->bior(BINT) return BINT bit-wise inclusive or $i->bxor(BINT) return BINT bit-wise exclusive or $i->bnot return BINT bit-wise not
Although it's a bit slow and clunky, Math::BigInt's overload mechanism makes a good attempt at a drop-in replacement for n bit integers.

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[Corion]: choroba: Yes, but the longer I thought about efficient hashes mapping the event type back to their callbacks, and how to keep them in sync, the more I thought that all that optimization might just not be worth it, even if it's horribly inelegant
[Lady_Aleena]: My biggest problem with hashes at the moment is one with 2,501 keys.
[choroba]: how many event types are there?
[Corion]: Also I found that I can't conveniently weaken an array slot, which also is inconvenient, as I want my one-shots to disappear if the caller discards them
[Corion]: choroba: Currently two or three that my program handles (WWW::Mechanize:: Chrome), but there might be more that become interesting
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[Corion]: But I should do a mock-up program so that others can see what I'm talking about ;)
[robby_dobby]: Corion: I hope you know all too well that passing around "fancy" datastructures is a recipe for disaster :-)
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[choroba]: bit vectors as keys?

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