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by Jeniveve (Initiate)
on Sep 05, 2002 at 18:11 UTC ( #195462=perlquestion: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Jeniveve has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I keep getting the following error when I try and run an old script that was written prior to my starting here. It utilizes win32-odbc which I am not familiar with (I use dbi) the error is:

Can't load 'E:/Perl/lib/auto/Win32/ODBC/ODBC.dll' for module Win32::ODBC: load_file:The specified module could not be found at E:/Perl/lib/ line 206.

Details of the problem:

I went from NT 4.0 (IIS 5.0) service pack 6 where everything was working fine to Windows 2000 Server Service pack 3 and the scripts broke. I have followed every troubleshooting advice for this error that I can find. The drives have all stayed the same with e: being the web drive, perl was pointed there when first installed.

I have done the following things to try and get it to work:

1) Installed win32-odbc twice to ensure it worked (all the files were already there from the original installation of perl 5.6 but I replaced them anyway)

2) I have made sure that all folders and subfolders have the correct permissions

3) I have checked the database itself and its permissions as well as add it as a file dsn and a system dsn.

4) I have tried to install win32-odbc from the ppm as well but it says no ppd file can be found.

5) I have set the repository to Roth Consulting and tried to search the repository but when I do that the search comes up with nothing

I am at a loss here as to what to do… Can anyone help?

Jennifer C. Swartz
Westfield State College

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Re: win32-odbc
by Mr. Muskrat (Canon) on Sep 05, 2002 at 18:23 UTC

    When changing operating systems, I have found that it helps to delete the perl directory and do a clean install of Perl.

      Thank you for your speedy reply however that has been done. The box was a new server and I completely blew it out and did clean installs of everything. Then, when nothing worked I removed perl again and reinstalled it again and went through the install notes for win32-odbc again just to make sure... Nothing seems to have worked so far... Jen
Re: win32-odbc
by cacharbe (Curate) on Sep 05, 2002 at 19:18 UTC
Re: win32-odbc
by richardX (Pilgrim) on Sep 06, 2002 at 05:35 UTC
    When you got the error message, "Can't load 'E:/Perl/lib/auto/Win32/ODBC/ODBC.dll'", did you verify that the ODBC.dll was where Perl expects to find it (E:/Perl/lib/auto/Win32/ODBC/) and that it is the correct ODBC.dll?


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Re: win32-odbc
by Necos (Friar) on Sep 06, 2002 at 04:07 UTC
    Dave Roth is the author of Win32::ODBC. With that said, you can install his modules (Perms, ODBC, and many others) by going to his website ( and downloading the PPM zips that he has there. I've dealt with Win32::ODBC lightly, but I never had a problem installing it. I'm pretty sure his modules are broken under 5.6.x unless they're recompiled (I'm still using 5.005_03 since I don't need the new features really).

    Again... Check Dave's site for some more leads. I hope this helps some.

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Re: win32-odbc
by Mr. Muskrat (Canon) on Sep 06, 2002 at 16:56 UTC

    You didn't mention which Perl you have installed. IIRC, Win32::ODBC only works with ActiveState Perl.

    I just visited Roth Consulting and see that there is a new Win32::ODBC beta available. PPD and other formats available.

Re: win32-odbc
by Jeniveve (Initiate) on Oct 02, 2002 at 15:51 UTC
    Hello again everyone,

    After being out for about 3 weeks because of a car accident here I am again still trying to get this site working... I have read all 5 comments and have done everything listed, and I am still getting this error:

    Can't load 'E:/Perl/lib/auto/Win32/ODBC/ODBC.dll' for module Win32::ODBC: load_file:The specified module could not be found at E:/Perl/lib/ line 206.

    The libwin32 ppm install said that module was already installed, the win32-odbc install gets an error saying it cannot locate the ppd file.

    I am at the point where I am willing to hire someone by the hour to fix whatever it is that the problem is. This page was written about 5 years prior to my starting here and I am not familiar with this module and I have done all the error checking I can do.

    Is there anyone out there that would be willing to help for a consulting fee? Or does anyone have any other ideas. These are the things I have done so far:

    I am using ActiveState Perl

    Windows2000 Server

    I have uninstalled and reinstalled Perl twice and downloaded the win32-odbc module from and gone through the install directions twice but with my version all files are already included. None of the files needed to be copied and the directories tells you to created are already created.

    Libwin32 module is already installed.

    I have checked and re-checked the directory to make sure it is executable.

    I have checked and rechecked the server odbc settings to make sure the database is listed.

    Any help would be appreciated!

    Thank you.

    Jennifer C. Swartz
    Westfield State College

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