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RE: How can this be?

by kapper (Chaplain)
on Jun 27, 2000 at 23:33 UTC ( #20063=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to How can this be?

Should your XP level really reflect your Perl knowledge?

Shouldn't it rather reflect your participation in building the community that the monastry is, and will be?

I myself am in no way a Perl expert, my native tounge at the momemt is Java & PHP, but i value Perl for it's extreme practical usefullnes for some applications and enjoy just beeing part of the monastry.....

...on some days, a lot of wisdom flows through the monastry, most of wich can increase your general coding skills.. not just your Perl skills!

oh.. and before i forget, yes something should be done on the voting system.. a users XP level can usefully reflect many different things, but one thing it probably shouldn't reflect, is the total number of users in the monastry =)

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