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Re: Getting calender

by cacharbe (Curate)
on Sep 30, 2002 at 16:05 UTC ( #201750=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Getting Outlook calender

The short answer here is Yes. The longer answer is a bit more complicated.

Some things you are going to have to do some research on (in no particular order) are:

  • Win32::OLE
  • Using Win32::OLE to connect to Exchange through one of the following:
    • Outlook
    • Outlook Web Access (OWA)
    • CDO-NTS
  • Using the MAPI interface to get the data you need
  • Proper Authentication
Off the top of my head, the following will get a list of appointments from the current calendar:
use strict; use Win32::OLE qw(in with); use Win32::OLE::Const 'Microsoft Outlook'; use Win32::OLE::Variant; my $OL = Win32::OLE->GetActiveObject('Outlook.Application') || Win32::OLE->new('Outlook.Application', 'Quit'); my $NameSpace = $OL->GetNameSpace("MAPI"); foreach my $folders (in $NameSpace->{Folders}){ print $folders->{Name}."\n"; my $folder = $folders->Folders("Calendar"); print "\t".$folder->{Name}."\n"; foreach my $item (in $folder->{Items}){ print "\t\t".sprintf("%s",Variant(VT_DATE,$item->{Start})) +." : ". $item->{Subject}."\n"; } }


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