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by gryng (Hermit)
on Jun 30, 2000 at 01:13 UTC ( #20500=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

As far as I can tell, I'm a human on planet Earth stuck for the moment in the U.S. of Alabama.

I like Perl because it facilitates problem solving, that is, programming. The people at my work (cough) don't seem to agree, even though processing text files is what we do for the majority of the day. (when will they see the light)?

I like because those that reside here are friendly, understanding and knowledgable. Hopefully, when my work audits my internet usage, they will be as understanding. :)

Actually, I'm leaving my current job in May to finish my last year at college, the latter being 'fun'.

Besides learning for the second time how to have your heart broken, college has taught me the formal side of computer engineering. That is, lamda calculus, big O notation, etc. . Things which are useful in extending the understanding of the art and thus can help expand the use of it :) .

Besides learning for the second time that any job you don't choose for yourself will not be very enjoyable, work has taught me more about the different kinds of people in the world by forcing me to work with them (lol). It hasn't been as terrible as I make it sound, and it could be worse. But I would like to think my next job will be infinitely better.

I'm not used to writing bio's and such like these, but since I've been on for so long I thought I owed you all one by now!

A few brief items to end it on then.

Things that I enjoy:

  • Cooking
  • Reading
  • Programming
  • Music
  • Eating
  • Sleeping
Things I do not enjoy:
  • Intolerance (except of intolerance)
  • Purposeful Ignorance
  • Most Rap, Rave, Heavy Metal, New Country and other forms of non-music
  • Peaches
  • Microsoft Software
  • Perfume and Makeup (on myself or otherwise! :P )
    (with all of the above unenjoyables, the first rules all)
Lastly, just a few random things that are on the top of my list: Bjork, Asian food, Algorithms, nethack and AI.

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[stevieb]: well, what happens is the Arduino 'listens' for requests r/w, and does the appropriate thing when it's interrupted based on the 'register' address sent in. It's ugly as it was my first attempt, but I've got great new ideas I'm just sitting.
[stevieb]: ...down to implement now. Here's the sketch as it currently sits
[shmem]: well I use I2C and SPI and stuff, but creating a pseudo chip looks to me like lot of indirection and memory clutter... not?
[choroba]: Are you going to use the device soon? Related to your comment about "not having much time to do a lot of coding"...
[stevieb]: sure, but I'm just learning ;) I consider it practice to get a good understanding of what goes on *after* an I2C/SPI request is made
[shmem]: ah ok. Gonna read that. but now....
shmem compiles himself into his template
[stevieb]: this is my RPi:: distribution overall automation build system physical layout. It doesn't encompass all of my RPi dists yet, ...
[stevieb]: ...but I'm getting close. I've been soldering my own PCBs to gain that experience as well, before I have my own manufactured.
[stevieb]: heh, nice *template* ;) 'night shmem!

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