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RE: Suggestion for Newest Nodes (kudra: prevent titles from matching superdoc nodes)

by kudra (Vicar)
on Jul 02, 2000 at 11:41 UTC ( #20787=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Suggestion for Newest Nodes

Vroom, would you please change the title of athomason's message? It's rather disconcerting to get a 'multiple pages' message when you select Newest Nodes. Perhaps it shouldn't be possible to create a node or make a username which matches any of the superdoc nodes?

I think this discussion relates to Massive Newest Nodes Page, so here's a link to it.

Update: The node I replied to was named 'Newest Nodes'. vroom renamed it to Suggestion for Newest Nodes.

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RE: (2) Suggestion for Newest Nodes (vroom's quick response)
by ybiC (Prior) on Jul 02, 2000 at 19:05 UTC
    Another example of what a good place the Monestary is - as Monk of Monks, vroom still manages to be very quick to respond to polite requests like kudra's.

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