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The double vision of Michael Robartes

by robartes (Priest)
on Oct 27, 2002 at 11:55 UTC ( #208330=poem: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

In honor to the progeny origin of my nickname, here's the first verse of W.B. Yeats' The double vision of Michael Robartes.
# On the grey rock of Cashel the mind's eye # Has called up the cold spirits that are born # When the old moon is vanished from the sky # And the new still hides her horn. # # W.B. Yeats # The double vision of Michael Robartes package Cashel; @ISA=('Rock::Grey'); my $mind{'eye'}=&spirits; sub spirits { if (not exists Sky::Moon) && (not defined (Sky::Moon->new)->{'horn'}) { $spirit=Spirits->new('cold'); } return $spirits||undef; }


Update: changed progeny to what I really meant to say :)

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[stevieb]: Then throw in changes to Windows that throws everything you trusted right out the window.
[shmem]: that's why it is called "Windows"
[stevieb]: shmem thanks for the 'insight' :P
[shmem]: good thing that Sun already took "OpenWindows", otherwise I'd not stop to shudder imagining an "OpenWindows" from MS
[shmem]: more garbage in, more garbage out that would be
[stevieb]: I found that win10 broke a C# library I was using for one project while enhancing tests for a Perl dist, which breaks other Perl dists, and I'm about to throw my hands up on berrybrew. win2k12 broke one thing, win10 breaks something...
[stevieb]: ...unrelated which requires replacing a lot of code and a whole lib. I'm about to go nix only ffs
[shmem]: stevieb: what you're doing sounds afwully complex. Too much for me this evening to provide brighter insight ;-)
[stevieb]: I don't even own a Windows computer. Both my girl and I have a laptop each with Linux. I'm supporting Windows in some of my projects and I can't even guage whether it's worth it or not.

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