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New Obfuscation Trick!

by japhy (Canon)
on Nov 26, 2002 at 16:35 UTC ( #215863=obfuscated: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

As discovered by Nicholas Clark:
$J=q$JAPH$;print"${"; J}s rule

Jeff[japhy]Pinyan: Perl, regex, and perl hacker, who'd like a job (NYC-area)
s++=END;++y(;-P)}y js++=;shajsj<++y(p-q)}?print:??;

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Re: New Obfuscation Trick!
by dingus (Friar) on Nov 26, 2002 at 17:28 UTC
    Doesn't work for me as is. Are you sure you don't mean
    $J=q$JAPH$;print"${J}s rule";


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      It does work for me, in both forms:
      perl -le ' J}s rule' JAPHs rule perl -le ' $J=q$JAPH$;print"${J}s rule"; ' JAPHs rule
      But I don't understand the first version. Why does it work? perl 5.8.0 on linux, btw.

      -- Dan

        Something to do with the lexer I believe, or so I've read.


      Ok I see why I thought it didn't work. I habitually test fragments like this in an eval statement because I have my own home rolled "Interpreted Perl Console"©. In the interpreted console it fails. If I make a trivial perl script it works.

      Can anyone explain why it doesn't work in an eval and does work as a program?

      #!perl #this script doesn't work my $t = <<'EOT' ; $J=q$JAPH$;print"${"; J}s rule EOT print "$t\nResult:\n"; eval $t; ------------------------------ #!perl #this script works $J=q$JAPH$;print"${"; J}s rule


      Enter any 47-digit prime number to continue.
Re: New Obfuscation Trick!
by Felonious (Chaplain) on Nov 27, 2002 at 04:59 UTC
    ++japhy:) Interesting how code can be mixed in with it as well...

    sub a_naked { print 'Just another' } print qq|${ print "I gotta be...\n";| a_naked} Perl hacker

    The early worm gets the bird.

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