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If it looks like a JAPH, and it smells like a JAPH, then it's probably...

by ahunter (Monk)
on Jul 08, 2000 at 03:48 UTC ( #21611=obfuscated: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

use strict;$_=" TlEi QwoIMVq qGrO ]rCXUV";s/q/\\/;my @w=my $z=length; +$_=join# '',map{ (/\s/)?' ':chr(ord($_)^++$z) }split //;while (/[xX]/){push @w, +scalar#( (join'',map{$z=1;join'',grep{$z&&((/[A-Z]/&&(($_.='x')||1))||($z=0))}s +plit//}# split/\s/);s/\s[A-Z]+/ /g;tr/[A-Z][a-z]/[a-z][A-Z]/;}$_=(join ' ', @w[ +($z=~#$x s/1/1/)..(length($w[2])>>1)]);s/[xX]//g;$_=lc;s/n/N/;print;print "\n"; + ## Perl
This is my first obfuscation in perl, so be kind :-) Works with warnings & strict on 5.002_03 on Linux...


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[PriNet]: i think i found the problem, the "source" array that sets the individual key values isn't being cleared, it's keeping the previous values...
[atcroft]: PriNet: You might consider posting a small, self-contained snippet of that segment of your code, and see if someone else has a better idea.....
[atcroft]: PriNet: Ahhh... interesting.
[PriNet]: small would be a problem *heh*... the program reads all the lines from a pdf and converts the individual colum data to a seperate key/value pair... that's where the "previous" array from the pdf is not being cleared properly before reading the next pdf

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