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RE: Using PerlMonks code

by reptile (Monk)
on Jul 11, 2000 at 00:45 UTC ( #21869=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Using PerlMonks code

Pretty good, although (and I haven't tested this or anything, so I could be wrong) I believe the last regex could pose a problem at times...

s/(<a href="[^"]+">(\d+)<\/a>)/[$2]/g;

What if the person wrote something like $array[$foo]? Since it only matches when there's a number in the regex, it won't work in this instance. Perhaps something like this:

s/(a href="[^"]+">(\$\w+|\d+)/[$2]/g;

Which would accept all digits or any word preceeded by a $. Of course it still doesn't predict all possibilities, like using a hash value or another array, or taking an array slice, etc. but that particular would tend to crop up pretty commonly I imagine.

All in all, a nice, useful script. Thanks for posting it.

local $_ = "0A72656B636148206C72655020726568746F6E41207473754A"; while(s/..$//) { print chr(hex($&)) }

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RE: RE: Using PerlMonks code
by Ovid (Cardinal) on Jul 11, 2000 at 01:21 UTC
    That's a nice point. I threw this code together rather quickly, so I didn't think of all possibilities. That last regex could definitely use some beefing up and I think you've given it a good start. Thanks for the feedback!

    Just a quick (untested) stab:

    s/<a href="[^"]+">([^<]+)<\/a>/[$1]/g;
    This is pretty generic and I would only use it in this context because there is an assumption that the data will be more or less valid. I think it would catch most cases. Also, I dropped a set of parentheses. I have no frickin' idea why I had them in the first place.


    Update: I've now tested this regex modification and it appears to work fine. I also realized a potential bug in the code that would be rare, but difficult to circumvent: if someone names a sub "amp" (or another HTML character code name) and tries to call the sub with '&amp;', this code will cheefully convert that to '&' and the resulting code will not function properly.

    Update #2: buzzcutbuddha pointed out that the "Bug" I mentioned wasn't behaving quite the way I posted. It will only occur if someone names a subroutine "amp" and then posts the code without code tags. Highly unlikely, but a possibility.

      in response to your update, wouldn't you actually get
      in ASCII/escaped HTML if someone named a subroutine amp?

      To check for the above use
      and you would catch it. Just a quick thought. :)

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