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Re^10: NO PERL 6

by Aristotle (Chancellor)
on Dec 10, 2002 at 16:57 UTC ( #218830=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re^8: NO PERL 6
in thread NO PERL 6

Let's undo a few assumptions.
sub BITS () { 16 } my $x = 100 <<BITS;
Ball's in your court again. :-) The obvious problem here is certainly easy to fix by stricter syntax, but in thinking about the fix I've already found a few more ambiguities..

Makeshifts last the longest.

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Re: Re^10: NO PERL 6
by jryan (Vicar) on Dec 10, 2002 at 21:34 UTC
    Syntax error. Here-docs must now be quoted, << is no-longer left shift, and there is no closing >> to make that a qw[] equivalent :)
      #!/usr/bin/perl print <<X; sorry, nope. they need not be quoted X __END__ sorry, nope. they need not be quoted

      Makeshifts last the longest.

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