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How do I parse a telephone number?

by mofo (Acolyte)
on Jul 11, 2000 at 18:45 UTC ( #21984=categorized question: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??
Contributed by mofo on Jul 11, 2000 at 18:45 UTC
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Users can enter free-form phone numbers, such as

212-555-1212 (212)555-1212 1-(212)-555-1212
How can extract just the essential numeric parts so that I can put the numbers into a uniform format?

Answer: How do I parse a telephone number?
contributed by Anonymous Monk

Here's an answer that allows the use of spaces instead of dashes, or no spacing at all.

( $areacode, $exchange, $line ) = $phn =~ m/(1[-| ]?)?\(?(\d{3})\)?[-| ]?(\d{3})[-| ]?(\d{4})/;
Works on strings such as the following:
212-555-1212 (212)555-1213 1-(212)-555-1214 1-212-555-1215 212 555 1216 (212) 555 1217 1 (212) 555 1218 1 212 555 1219 12125551210

Answer: How do I parse a telephone number?
contributed by mojotoad

Folks interested in this question might find my thorough (but empirical) treatment of this topic interesting:
Beast of the Number: Parsing the Feral Phone

Answer: How do I parse a telephone number?
contributed by jlistf

( undef, $areacode, $exchange, $line ) = $phn =~ m|(1-)?\(?(\d{3})\)?-?(\d{3})-(\d{4})|;
You might want to do a little more error-checking on the number, but that's the idea.

Answer: How do I parse a telephone number?
contributed by chromatic

Here's a regex-less solution:

sub parse_phonenumber { local $_ = shift; tr/()\- //d; # eliminate punctuation my( $are, $three, $four ); my $line = substr $_, -4, 4, ''; my $exch = substr $_, -3, 3, ''; my $area = substr $_, -3, 3, ''; ( $area, $exch, $line ) }
Answer: How do I parse a telephone number?
contributed by jdporter

The only CPAN module that comes close to addressing the problem in a comprehensive way is the Number::Phone family of classes. They do a lot more than mere parsing; you may be particularly interested in their format method.

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