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Re: Install a perl script as a Win NT/2000/XP service.

by ibanix (Hermit)
on Jan 28, 2003 at 03:10 UTC ( #230468=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Install a perl script as a Win NT/2000/XP service.

Very interesting.

I prefer to compile my scripts with perl2exe and install the binary as a service. I've used instsrv and srvany, but I prefer to use the freely available FireDaemon. Get the v0.09 version -- the new version only supports 1 service without a registration code.

You might also consider Win32::Daemon for a pure-perl solution.

Update: Srvany.exe and instsrv.exe are part of the Windows NT 4.0 Resource Kit, available here.


$ echo '$0 & $0 &' > foo; chmod a+x foo; foo;

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