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Level Stats

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Stats for users who have logged in at least once
LevelNumber of usersAvg XPMin XPMax XPAvg CreatetimeAvg Last Pageload
Level 169579-11-1002948192008-04-02 19:19:02838:59:59
Level 257153020492008-02-27 13:14:00838:59:59
Level 322226650892007-01-18 05:32:23838:59:59
Level 41220115901492006-05-02 18:21:07838:59:59
Level 59571921502492005-09-28 01:50:28838:59:59
Level 68003132503982004-10-17 16:43:53838:59:59
Level 75354864005992004-07-14 15:12:33838:59:59
Level 85067306008992003-11-11 19:35:22838:59:59
Level 9406108190112992004-02-08 14:11:55838:59:59
Level 1014116630130210074752003-07-15 15:24:02838:59:59
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