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Re: Regex matching on anywhere but the beginning or end of a line

by OM_Zen (Scribe)
on Feb 23, 2003 at 01:53 UTC ( #237834=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Regex matching on anywhere but the beginning or end of a line

Hi ,

my $var = q("string (12" or 1 foot or 1') into 6" MySQL varchar") +; $var =~ s/(?<!^)"(?!$)/""/g; print "[$var]\n"; __END__ ["string (12"" or 1 foot or 1') into 6"" MySQL varchar"]

The look_ahead and look_behind negative assertion on ^ and $ shall do the match only in the other places of the string

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Node Type: note [id://237834]
[marinersk]: sub newtest{my $expected_result = &target('foo'); my $actual_result = &target('foo'); if ($actual_result eq $expected_result) { &tdd_success(); } else { &tdd_fail(); } } # Test works after three years!
[choroba]: or nobody bothered...
[choroba]: The problem was bigger, as the test tried to call a method that didn't exist anymore
[marinersk]: :: ducking ::
[choroba]: because, someone renamed the method, but didn't notice it was used in the test, as the test was skipped
[marinersk]: Well, if the method doesn't exist, it would be hard to pass the test.
[choroba]: later, someone removed the new method, as all its usage places were safe, but didn't notice the test still used the old name
[choroba]: fortunately, it wasn't that hard to replace the method and fix a few remaining failures due to the changes we did to the codebase over the years
[marinersk]: choroba Sounds like a process improvement opportunity; tests may not all need to be run, but they should all be compiled with perl -c before check-in/promotion happens.
[choroba]: so, now I have the test, so I can start making changes in the code. Back to the original ticket, yay!

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