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Re: Regular Expression for MAC Address

by BrowserUk (Pope)
on Feb 28, 2003 at 01:55 UTC ( #239319=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Regular Expression for MAC Address
in thread Regular Expression for MAC Address

I think this found all the MAC's in your post but it's a little difficult to tell.

You might like to read Site How to - post code

C:\test>perl -nle" print $1 while m[([0-9a-f]{12})]ig" - Hi I have log files that look like this Mar 14 14:54:13 D +raper-1-01-office-01 (Info): Station resnet204- 011.wireless00 022d33a500 Authenticated Mar 14 14:54:13 Draper-1-01-offi +ce-01 (Info): Station resnet204- 011.wireless00022d33a500 Reas sociated Mar 14 14:58:14 Draper-1-01-office-01 (Info): De +authenticating resnet204-034.wireless00022d250968, reason "Mus t Authenticate Before Ass ociating" Mar 14 14:58:14 Drape +r- 1-01-office-01 (Info): Station resnet204-034.wireless00022d 250968 Authenticated Mar 14 14:58:14 Draper-1- 01-office- +01 (Info): Station resnet204-034.wireless00022d250968 Reassoci ated Mar 14 14:59:47 Draper-1-01- office-01 (Info): Start +ed driver for port "awc0" Mar 14 14:59:47 Draper- 1-01-office-01 (Info): Started driver for port "fec0" Mar 14 15:00:04 + Draper-1-01-office-01 (Info): Bound "AWC Packet R outer" protocol to device "rptr2" Mar 14 15:00:04 Draper- +1-01-office-01 (Info): Bound "AWC DDP Protocol" protocol to de vice "rptr2" As you see the MAC address are not in':' or "-" seperated +. In the above case how do I find the MAC address 00022d33a500 00022d33a500 00022d250968 00022d250968 00022d250968 ^Z

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