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Re: Re: There's a level in Hell reserved for ________

by thor (Priest)
on Feb 28, 2003 at 13:37 UTC ( #239430=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: There's a level in Hell reserved for ________
in thread There's a level in Hell reserved for ________

  • There's a level of Hell reserved for the person who incorporated the concept of "ASCII" and "binary" files into the FTP protocol and the Windows operating system - Come'on, it's all just bits, ones and zeros, people!
  • I personally like ftp to translate line endings to the local notion. Saves a headache trying to convert them manually...^M anyone?


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    Re: Re: Re: There's a level in Hell reserved for ________
    by riffraff (Pilgrim) on Feb 28, 2003 at 18:43 UTC
      Well, that would just lead to the person who designed an os that distinguished between the two....

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