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Re: There's a level in Hell reserved for ________

by jonadab (Parson)
on Mar 03, 2003 at 12:55 UTC ( #240012=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: There's a level in Hell reserved for ________
in thread There's a level in Hell reserved for ________

I'd rather be able to use the wheel to zoom the window as I feel like it.

Having a minimum font size still allows you to zoom it up, no problem there. The minimum is just a minimum. What the wheel does (with or without various modifier keys) is another preference, and text zooming is one option. Scaling the whole page (including images) hasn't landed yet, though; Opera is ahead of Mozilla there (and in a couple of other areas; e.g., Opera supports more of the page-break stuff in CSS2).

No, I've not tried Mozilla except once in the very early days.

A couple of years ago Mozilla hit critical mass; it has picked up a lot of active developers and now moves along very quickly. If you try it again, you will find yourself compelled to upgrade at least once a quarter, because a version older than that seems klunky by comparison. I absolutely can't use versions from the 1.0 release branch (cut in spring 2002) anymore (much less legacy browsers), because too many features are missing.

I'm hooked on the Google toolbar, though...

What, that old thing? The Googlebar has features that it is missing.

and things like MSDN and CHM files insist on using IE, so I'll have to know two systems.

The fiasco with MSN and MSDN only working with MSIE is ancient history. I think it lasted for all of a week and a half. (I think the W3C threatened them with some kind of public exposure, because they were erroneously claiming compliance with W3C standards as their excuse for locking out "non-compliant" browsers, some of which were a good deal more compliant than MSIE.) You've never seen Microsoft backpedal so fast. Since then they've begun to take Mozilla seriously. They even fixed the MSKB problem that caused overlapping text in Mozilla.

I don't know what CHM files are, though.

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