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Re: Re*Re^2: The High Price of Golf, and A Surprise

by hv (Parson)
on Mar 04, 2003 at 00:27 UTC ( #240203=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re*Re^2: The High Price of Golf, and A Surprise
in thread The High Price of Golf, and A Surprise

Just for the record: firstly, it used to be that even simplistic sort subs such as { $a <=> $b } would call out to perl code, but that was changed to look for certain common cases and substitute a C implementation instead; I think that change first appeared in 5.6.1, judging by comparative timings here.

Secondly, the bug in B::Deparse (which occurred simply because it wasn't immediately updated for the above change) was fixed in perl-5.8.0.

Just to give a feel for the difference it makes spotting and substituting a C-based routine for a perl-based one, I added an extra variant of i_sship tweaked to avoid the optimization:

i_sshipz => sub { @rin = sort { $a + 0 <=> $b } @nin },
and here is the table I got (running under 5.8.0):
Rate i_sshipz f_owtdi i_owtdi f_alpha i_alpha f_sship + i_sship i_sshipz 16.5/s -- -27% -28% -43% -52% -57% + -58% f_owtdi 22.6/s 37% -- -1% -22% -34% -41% + -42% i_owtdi 22.8/s 38% 1% -- -21% -33% -41% + -41% f_alpha 29.0/s 76% 28% 27% -- -15% -25% + -26% i_alpha 34.2/s 107% 51% 50% 18% -- -11% + -12% f_sship 38.5/s 134% 70% 69% 33% 13% -- + -1% i_sship 38.9/s 136% 72% 71% 34% 14% 1% + --


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