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Re: There's a level in Hell reserved for ________

by Anonymous Monk
on Mar 05, 2003 at 20:43 UTC ( #240698=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to There's a level in Hell reserved for ________

There's a level of Hell reserved for

  • people who think that coolness is more important than stability
  • people who use prototypes on methods as a gotcha for procedural calls
  • people in the Perl community who don't care if their software works/builds on MS machines
  • people who think that users should learn cryptic CLI interfaces when they don't even have time to learn simple GUI's
  • programmers that take weeks to write a GUI that reproduces the behaviour of a common CLI tool or a Perl one liner and then expect you to be impressed
  • those who can't accept that VB is an excellent GUI development tool
  • those who can't see that theres more to do in programming than making sure that their VB data grid looks cool.

  • those that only know VB
  • every MS excec that voted 'no' on maintaining good links with the Open Source Community
  • people who don't use source control
  • coworkers who don't answer emails in a reasonably prompt fashion
  • people who use M$ as a way to put down Microsoft Products, but whose experience of the same is limited to 9x/Me or even worse DOS
  • users who think "it doesnt work" is a good error description, even though the bug report form has countless hints to provide more useful information
  • those who think that all phone numbers are in (XXX)YYY-ZZZZ format.
  • web site developers that think that the only two countries in the world are "USA" and "CAN"
  • web site developers that think that the only two countries in the world with states are "USA" and "CAN"
  • people who think that if an OS doesn't do something the same way as *NIX does, that the OS must be violating some standard
  • whoever was responsible for the fact that even though the world pretty much universally uses arabic numerals, we can't settle on just one symbol for the decimal point
  • everyone who thinks that YY/MM/DD or MM/DD/YY or DD/MM/YY or pretty well anything other than YYYY/MM/DD is a sane way to write a readable date stamp

  • for every person who says "we can't do that, we've never done it before"
  • who --'d you without a good reason ;-)
  • people who think that they should endlessly profit from a lucky few years of intellectual activity when whatever they built was only on the shoulders of countless unsung others before them
  • people who dont document their code
  • people who don't read the documentation
  • people who write useless documentation
  • comments that lie
  • Comment on Re: There's a level in Hell reserved for ________

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