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Re: Re: usemymalloc

by IlyaM (Parson)
on Apr 23, 2003 at 12:03 UTC ( #252523=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: usemymalloc
in thread usemymalloc

Note also that Perl is using usemymalloc by default.

Are you sure? Quick grep in hints directory shows that usemymalloc is off by default on majority of platforms:

ilya@juil:~/devel/perl-current/hints$ grep usemymalloc *.sh "$usemymalloc" in'') usemymalloc='n' ;;'n''n''n''n''n''n';'n' case "$usemymalloc" in usemymalloc='n' "$usemymalloc" in'') usemymalloc='n' ;;'n' case "$usemymalloc" in "") usemymalloc='n' case "$usemymalloc" in "") usemymalloc='n' case "$usemymalloc" in "") usemymalloc='n' usemymalloc=n'y' $define|true|[yY]*) usemymalloc='n' ;; *) usemymalloc='n' ;;'n' $undef|false|[nN]*) usemymalloc='y' ;;'n''n''n' usemymalloc='undef' usemymalloc='n' usemymalloc="$undef"${usemymalloc:-false} "$usemymalloc" in'') usemymalloc='n' ;;'n' "$usemymalloc" in'') usemymalloc='y' ;;${usemymalloc:-y}'y''n' setting usemymalloc='n' was the solution back then. Later +came from the ccflags and set usemymalloc to 'n'.'y''n''y' "$usemymalloc" || usemymalloc='n' "$usemymalloc" in'') usemymalloc='n' ;; "$usemymalloc" in'') usemymalloc='n' ;;'n' usemymalloc='false''n';'y'${usemymalloc:-false} "$usemymalloc" in usemymalloc='y''n' "$usemymalloc" in'') usemymalloc='y' "$usemymalloc" in # usemymalloc='y' usemymalloc='n''y''n'"n"

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