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Re: E-Commerce Monks

by derby (Abbot)
on May 08, 2003 at 13:08 UTC ( #256518=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to E-Commerce Monks

I always thought most of the monks here do e-commerce work. That's one of the main reasons I posted the GnuPG tutorial and it's also the reason why I read (and re-read and re-read and will probably read again) perrin's great EToys article and Salon's Industrial Strength Publishing

Like tachyon noted, the only real difficult part of e-commerce is the CC architecture and even that's not terribly difficult with the good work Ivan and others are doing with Business::OnlinePayment. The tough part there is working through the business side of the house to set up the necessary partnerships (payment gateway, clearing-house, and bank).

So I say, use perlmonks as your forum for e-commerce. Post your questions, meditations, and snippets here. Even if there not purely perl, I think most monks would see value in meditations on e-commerce especially if it clears the haze that surrounds credit card processing - anyone up for doing a meditation that compares and contrast payment gateways?


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Re: Re: E-Commerce Monks
by drewbie (Chaplain) on May 08, 2003 at 20:18 UTC
    Thanks for the link to the Salon paper! I believe it is talking about the predecessor of Bricolage. My biggest problem with understanding how Bricolage worked was wrapping my head around the workflows, and this paper set me straight.

    I also re-read Perrin's eToys paper again for good measure. Many thanks to Perrin for publishing the paper in the first place. "Ooooh oooh ooooh ahhhh ooooh...." I always loved those commercials... :-)

Re: Re: E-Commerce Monks
by Alexander (Sexton) on May 12, 2003 at 15:40 UTC
    Thank you for staying with the spirit of my initial post. I have another question to throw in. What do people like to implement? As in their own SSL or a gateway? HTML, SSI, PHP, CGI, etc. And what about databases? Flatfile, SQL (which SQL? mySQL, PostGreSQL, Oracle?), ODBM, no datbase?

    I just happen to think there's alot of interesting opinions to explore
      I think most monks here begin with LAMP where the P is not PHP and not Python but Perl. For more detailed yet open ended discussions, you may want to consider attending your local perl mongers group.


        Yet another acronym to add to my vocabulary. I too would fall into the LAMP category.
        Excerpt from derby's link

        ...a LAMP platform, consisting of Linux+Apache+MySQL+Perl.

        Of course, there are plenty of excellent open source variants for any of the pieces of LAMP. Let the L stand for Linux, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, and Darwin/Mac OS X, all of which are open source operating systems and all but the latter have open source GUI layers. Let the M stand for MySQL and PostGreSQL. Let the P stand for PHP, Perl, Python, and Ruby.
        Personally I use FreeBSD+Apache+mySQL+Perl.

        To my surprise I found 2 perl monger groups. One in Springfield about 70 miles away, and the other in Conway about 120 miles away. Thats better than I would have expected.

        Good suggestions derby. Good for me, and good for many others here I am sure.

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