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(z) Re: Vim for Perl developers

by zigdon (Deacon)
on May 15, 2003 at 18:12 UTC ( #258477=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Vim for Perl developers

Interesting article. Thanks for the pointer for tags - very cool.

The only thing there I didn't see is the ability to switch to files and modules easily:

set path+=/path/to/modules/** set,.pl set includeexpr=substitute(v:fname,'TMPLDIR','/path/to/tmpl/dir','')
These lines give me the ability to move the cursor over 'DB' in a line like:
use Peeron::DB;
hit 'gf', and zoom - I'm editing the file in /path/to/modules/Peeron/. Also allows to move the cursor over 'example.tmpl' in:
my $tmpl = HTML::Template->New(Filename => "$Peeron::Conf::TMPLDIR/exa +mple.tmpl");
hit 'gf', and get to /path/to/tmpl/dir/example.tmpl

-- zigdon

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