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Foggy Bottoms

by Foggy Bottoms (Monk)
on Jun 05, 2003 at 12:24 UTC ( #263299=user: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

My name's David and I was born June 24th 1982 - I'm basically new to the perl world and not much of a linux guy. I'll try to compensate for that somehow

I'm currently studying at the National Institute of Applied Sciences, in Lyon (France) in the Computer Science Department (but they don't teach Perl over there).

I enjoy travelling and spent 5 years when I was younger in the USA (KC, Raleigh, and DC). I'm currently in the UK for 3 months and then back to France. I've also travelled quite a bit in Western Europe and North America - I always enjoy a little adventure

I like learning new languages as well (comes in handy when you travel) : I speak French and English (my 2 "mother" tongues) as well as Spanish and bits of Italian, Portuguese, and a hint of Dutch... Unfortunately I'm not fluent in Perl...

See you guys round !

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[Corion]: A good morning to you too ;)
[choroba]: Good morning, Monks!
[Corion]: And a good daypart to you as well, Lady_Aleena !
[robby_dobby]: Hey monkeys, do you ever get the realization that you're all waking up to chaos? I suppose not :P
[Lady_Aleena]: Good morning Corion, I hope you have a wonderful day as well. 8)
[Corion]: Yesterday I encountered an interesting data structure problem. I have a remote program that emits events, and my client listens for these events with one-shot callbacks, that is, I register the callback and if the event gets generated that callback ...
[Lady_Aleena]: robby_dobby, every day. Chaos is my life with few controls.
[Corion]: ... gets called once. The data structure for that is just a hash of arrays, mapping the event type to a queue of registered one-shots, and the first one-shot from the queue gets removed and called.
[Corion]: But now I want to register a one-shot for two events, of which only one will arrive, so my data structure doesn't work anymore...

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