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Spaghetti x 4 ;)

by gmax (Abbot)
on Aug 20, 2003 at 12:45 UTC ( #285173=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to spaghetti obfu

Great obfu, dada!. However, the sea is missing ... But here is a remedy >:-).

Download the camel code and name it "". Make sure you have "" in the same directory, and then run this code. Enjoy the sea and a serve of spaghetti for 4!

s//6f70656e2043414d454c2c2263616d656c2e706c226f72206469652243616 d656c206e65656465645c6e223b24633b200a245f3d3c43414d454c3e666f722 8312e2e32293b7b6c6f63616c242f3b24633d3c43414d454c3e3b200a24633d7 e792f205c6e5c722f2f643b7d4063616d656c3d73706c69742f2f2c24633b636 c6f73652043414d454c3b2473697a653d6c656e677468282463293b0a6f70656 e205350414748455454492c227370616768657474692e706c226f72206469652 2737061676865747469206e65656465645c6e223b0a6f70656e204954414c592 c223e6974616c792e706c226f7220646965224974616c793f5c6e223b0a77686 96c65283c5350414748455454493e297b7768696c65282f282e292f67297b696 6282431206571222022297b7072696e74204954414c59202220227d200a656c7 3657b7072696e74204954414c59202463616d656c5b24782b2b5d7d7d7072696 e74204954414c5920225c6e223b7d0a666f722824782e2e2473697a652d31297 b7072696e74204954414c59202463616d656c5b245f5d3b7d0a636c6f7365205 350414748455454493b636c6f7365204954414c593b65786563227065726c206 974616c792e706c223b/;s/\s//g;s/(\S\S)/pack("H*",$1)/eg;eval;

This is not high level obfuscation, just an application of some old theory (which, incidentally, was my first PM node ;) ).

update (1)
Fixed a minor glitch. Thanks to bronto.

For those who don't want to try out the script, here is a glimpse of the resulting output.

                      .mLmm.               .mmJm.
                     XXXXXXXmLm}       {mJmXXXXXXX
                       7XXXXJXXXXX} {XXXXXLXXXXF
                       7XJXXXXXXXX} {XXXXXXXXLXF
                      .XXXXX^  ^X     X^  ^XXXXX.
                    mFFXXXXF               7XXXX77m
                    JXXXJXX/               /XXLXXXL
                  .\XXXXXF'                 `7XXXXX\.
               7X7LXXXXF'                     `7XXXXJFXF
            /mJXXXXXF^^      mXmm     mmXm      ^^7XXXXXLm/
           JXXXXXXF^         LXXF     7XXJ         ^7XXXXXXL
           ^  {XF^           7XX'     `XXF           ^7X}  ^
             {XX'            {FX'     `X7}            `XX}
              {X.                                     .X}
               7XXXmmXLL                       JJXmmXXXF
                 {XXXX^'                       `^XXXX}
                 7X^^                             ^^XF
        .mmJm.                                            .mLmm.
    {mJmXXXXXXX                                          XXXXXXXmLm}
  XXXXXXXXXXXXXF                                        7XXXXXXXXXXXXX
 {XXXXXLXXXXF                                              7XXXXJXXXXX}
 {XXXXXXXXLXF                                              7XJXXXXXXXX}
   X^  ^XXXXX.                                            .XXXXX^  ^X
        7XXXX77m                                        mFFXXXXF
        /XXLXXXL                                        JXXXJXX/
         `7XXXXX\.                                    .\XXXXXF'
           `7XXXXJFXF                              7X7LXXXXF'
   mmXm      ^^7XXXXXLm/                        /mJXXXXXF^^      mXmm
   7XXJ         ^7XXXXXXL                      JXXXXXXF^         LXXF
   `XXF           ^7X}  ^                      ^  {XF^           7XX'
   `X7}            `XX}                          {XX'            {FX'
                   .X}                            {X.
            JJXmmXXXF                              7XXXmmXLL
            `^XXXX}                                  {XXXX^'
               ^^XF                                  7X^^
 _  _ _  _  
(_|| | |(_|><

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