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Re: Re: Re: Character Combinations

by chunlou (Curate)
on Aug 22, 2003 at 23:36 UTC ( #285958=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Character Combinations
in thread Character Combinations

You mean this?
use Algorithm::FastPermute; my @c = ('a'..'c'); for my $i (0..2) { for my $j (0..2) { my @c = @c[$i..$j] if $i <= $j; permute {print @c , "\n"} @c; } } __END__ a ab ba abc acb cab bac bca cba b bc cb c

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Re: Re: Re: Re: Character Combinations
by Limbic~Region (Chancellor) on Aug 22, 2003 at 23:47 UTC
    Considering that missed ca - no. It also doesn't work if you change
    my @c = ('a'..'c');
    my @c = ('a'..'z');

    Permutations are not combinations.


      Silly me. Should have consulted with this: Permutations and combinations.
      use Algorithm::FastPermute; sub combinations { return [] unless @_; my $first = shift; my @rest = combinations(@_); return @rest, map { [$first, @$_] } @rest; } for(combinations('a'..'c')){ my @c = @{$_}; permute {print @c , "\n"} @c; } __END__ c b bc cb a ac ca ab ba abc acb cab bac bca cba

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