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Re: Re: Installing Perl on the Sharp Zaurus PDA

by davido (Archbishop)
on Aug 26, 2003 at 16:35 UTC ( #286776=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Installing Perl on the Sharp Zaurus PDA
in thread Installing Perl on the Sharp Zaurus PDA

The author of the port has spoken by posting the instructions for installation at The Zaurus Software Index where he says:

This is a build of Perl 5.8.0 for thr Sharp Zaurus SL-5500. At ~34Mb it takes a lot of space and is best installed onto either an SD (mnt/card)or CF card (mnt/cf). I use it installed into an NFS filesystem, mounted as /mnt/pkgs. With the way "ipkg" works, you'll also need another ~34Mb at install time for temp's. It's best installed manually as (for example) #ipkg -d /mnt/card install Perl_5.8.0_arm.ipk and SD->SD took about 3 hours! It creates a ./pkgs directory (if necessary) to install itself into - a technique familiar to users of the UNIX "graft" facility.

However, I can add that the ipkg -d /mnt/card install.... or its equivilant for Sharp ROM 3.10, ipkg -d /usr/mnt.rom/card install ..... doesn't work, because the temporary files fill up 100% of internal storage before the package is installed to SD. A workaround must exist, and I'm currently looking for a way to move the ipkg temp files to CF during the install.

The other point that the author of the port made in a separate discussion thread at Zaurus Developers Forum was that the SD card needed to use the ext-2 filesystem. Instructions for converting from FAT to ext2 are available by searching the abovementioned website. When I get the whole thing to install properly I'll edit the original root node of this thread with new instructions and post a followup to alert people.


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