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A little truth

by Anonymous Monk
on Sep 19, 2003 at 16:32 UTC ( #292706=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Re: Acme::Lingua::Pirate::Perl author needs encouragement to add Makefile.PL
in thread Acme::Lingua::Pirate::Perl author needs encouragement to add Makefile.PL

Are you Mr. Martin?

No - I am. For your information, the anonymous monk was correct; Randal is being economical with the facts. He clipped out a very important part of the conversation: my initial reply.

Here's his original message to me:

From: Randal Schwartz
To: Earle Martin
Subject: Re: Acme::Lingua::Pirate::Perl is missing a Makefile.PL

And the installation doesn't get very far without it. Can you get one added 
so I can see what you're doing?
And then I replied. As opposed to what his abbreviated quote at the top of this discussion would suggest, I was perfectly civil. Part of his response may sound familiar.
From: Randal Schwartz
To: Earle Martin

Earle> Sorry, this module requires Module::Build to install, as stated in the     
Earle> README.  

Please add a simple Makefile.PL then, that calls Module::Build. There's an 
example of that in the Module::Build docs, if I recall.                
Your code is not installable from, which is still the primary means 
of CPAN installation for the majority of Perl users.

At this point I lost patience. I think that's pretty rich coming from the author of Acme::Current, don't you?

-- Earle

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Re: A little truth
by tilly (Archbishop) on Sep 19, 2003 at 22:22 UTC
    Whatever you think of the messenger, the message is accurate.

    Most Perl users who install from CPAN do it using And I would bet that most do NOT keep CPAN up to date.

      Tsk tsk. Its like demanding complete utf support in perl 5.005 -- not gonna happen. I particularly couldn't care a single iota for CPAN/CPANPLUS... users. As long as the README tells you how to install a module, that's all that matters.
      Most Perl users who install from CPAN do it using And I would bet that most do NOT keep CPAN up to date.
      Is that really true or just a guess on your part? I would've guessed that less than half of the Perl community that actually gets modules from CPAN would use Can we have a show of hands of how many perlmonks use versus fetching and installing themselves?

        How about instead we have an end to this thread? Please?

        Mistakes of courtesy were made on both sides. No blood drawn. Move along; nothing to see here. (:

                        - tye

        It turns out there was such a poll. And the results are suggestive that CPAN is the most common way To install a module.... I think your reluctance to comply with this is unfortunate, as it is that Module::Build does not either.

        Nevertheless you are of course entitled to upload whatever you like to CPAN, but I dont see the point if it wont install using


        <Elian> And I do take a kind of perverse pleasure in having an OO assembly language...
Re: A little truth
by naChoZ (Curate) on Sep 20, 2003 at 01:27 UTC

    At this point I lost patience.

    This is all it took to set you off to come back with such a disrespectful and rude remark? Might I suggest some anger management classes or something? Or at very least, grow some thicker skin. Wow...

    As far as the number of Perl users who use, the percentage would obviously be high. One thing that's at least common among the monks is to not unnecessarily complicate things. The K.I.S.S. principal is cited many times around here.

    "I just read perlman:perlboot," said Tom, objectively.

      That's nonsense.
Re: A little truth
by herveus (Parson) on Sep 19, 2003 at 22:11 UTC

    OK. So merlyn elided the first part of the exchange. He made a perfectly reasonable request. He did not take your initial reply as an absolute refusal and pointed out a good reason why he repeated the request, with a useful pointer to how to simply satisfy it.

    If that caused you to lose your patience and respond like an ass, I think you should recalibrate your sensitivities. You still could have said something like "No, I refuse to support MakeMaker."

    You had it in your power to act like an adult. You chose something else.

    Your last little dig is pretty lame. Do you really want to take the comparison down that path, Mr. Kettle?


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