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Re: Re: Scripting for Video Games

by Dragonfly (Priest)
on Sep 23, 2003 at 21:53 UTC ( #293698=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Scripting for Video Games
in thread Scripting for Video Games

Well, there is nothing in the member's terms of service that prohibit the use of scripting, macros, or other forms of character automation, so presumably (since other players are doing it with Windows-only macro products) it's allowed. They even teach classes in-game on how to use macros. =P

I fail to see how using Perl to automate a Windows app would violate the Artistic License - could you tell me where you see a problem with that? I'm curious!

There have been all sorts of Win32::OLE automation modules already, including ones to automate Excel, Outlook, and Word - I guess I just don't see how this would be any different. Is it because it's an online application?

LWP does the same thing with web sites, and they're online...

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Re: Re: Re: Scripting for Video Games
by Mr. Muskrat (Canon) on Sep 24, 2003 at 13:22 UTC

    I guess I should have added the usual 'IANAL'.

    Many games have in-game macros that the developers want you to use. But when it comes to using external macros with games (especially MMORPGs), many people (myself included) view it as cheating. The in-game macros make it more difficult to use them for cheating by limiting the things that you can do with them.

      Ahh, right. See, this game is a little different as it's not terribly skills-based - the only weapons are paintball guns. It's more oriented towards flying around on hoverboards and interacting with other people than it is towards first-person shootin' or whatnot.

      I do agree, it's cheating if you're doing it to gain a competitive advantage over the other players, but in this game, I'd just like to program my character to breakdance, or recite some clever Perl haiku from time to time.

      They apparently encourage the use of third-party macros - if you're wondering what game it is, it's called There.

        That's not at all what I was thinking of when I heard "fun 3D MMORPG"! I was envisioning Asheron's Call 2 or Star Wars: Galaxies or something similar...

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