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Re: (OT) Employee Retention - Why do you stay, why do you go?

by Anonymous Monk
on Oct 03, 2003 at 12:29 UTC ( #296201=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to (OT) Employee Retention - Why do you stay, why do you go?

I changed jobs not so long ago. I decided to do so for three reasons:

  1. the work would result in job loss for others,
  2. the job was about to get less challenging,
  3. the opportunity to return to a true research environment.
A few comments on this are perhaps useful.

The productt of the company I used to work for is a very specialized decision support system. Deploying it at a client in the US would have resulted in a substantial efficiency improvement that translates into a loss of jobs. The people affected by this are not too likely to find other employment easily in the current economic climate.

The project that the company was about to embark on, as well as the existing project tended to rely more and more on existing technology. A challenge I appreciate is developing new approaches, so I was likely to get less job satisfaction.

I got a job offer at a university to do researrch, well, need I say more ;-)

Note that I've had a nice time working for my former employer.

I'm posting this anonymously to protect the identity of my former employer who is aware of my motives, but still ;-)

Just my 2 anonymous cents...

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Re: Re: (OT) Employee Retention - Why do you stay, why do you go?
by tachyon (Chancellor) on Oct 03, 2003 at 13:21 UTC

    the work would result in job loss for others

    Sad but true much of the time. Ineternet Banking, B2B, Amazon, ebay et al. Sure it is more efficient but where is the personal contact.....

    One of the sad things I see is the loss of community. Years ago you would meet your banker, butcher, baker face to face, at least once a week....Now you can do it all in the supermarket and get to meet a pimply 16 year old on the minimum wage. The older I get the less appealing that is ;-)

    A connected society is fine but what happens to the ordinary Joe? I wrote a poem about it once upon a when. Not in Perl but you get that....

    A Big Load of Paradigm Shift Am I a Luddite, well Yes and No In modern times, it seems as though The progress made, across the years Evaporates and disappears Rationalists see, people like me Of little use, and that may be But let me ask, if you donít mind What use the world, if itís not kind By kind I donít mean charity Just chance to work, and chance to be A place for all, but no free ride Too much to ask? Well you decide When dollars count, for more than men Itís time I think, to think again Weíre starting down a slippery slope Towards a world devoid of hope Where those that can, just take it all Whilst by the wayside, others fall Society, split into two Been there before, itís nothing new Information and technology Are not all theyíre, cracked up to be Paradigm shift, well yes indeed But shifting where, and at what speed It seems that now, computers can Well do the work, once done by man Yet man is lost, without a job Does this enrich, or does it rob? So now I think, that we should ask Need computers, do this task? For without job, what is my role? Itís useful work, that makes me whole Doc




      A connected society is fine but what happens to the ordinary Joe?

      He's learned new skills and moved on to a more challenging job. You don't need someone with 20 years work experience to run items across a scanner. The fact you find this economical inefficiency "appealing" worries me. Perhaps it's time to look at the reasons these changes occur?

      Oh, and read this.

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