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Re: Parsing XML into a Hash

by maverick (Curate)
on Nov 04, 2003 at 17:18 UTC ( #304481=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Parsing XML into a Hash

Here's what I suggest that you do.
use strict; use warnings; use Clue::ByFour; use Existing::Client; my $clueX4 = new Clue::ByFour; my $client = new Existing::Client; $clueX4->add("rusty nail"); $clueX4->target($client); for (0..1000) { $clueX4->swing(); }
Seriously. You need to at least make an attempt to enlighten the client about the Right Way (TM) to do this. You may THINK you have control over the format of the file, but some day down the line (sooner rather than later) and you or whoever works on this after you is in for a world of hurt. Security people are NOTORIOUSLY stupid about this sort of thing...they have policies that they have sat around and dreamed up and never even really considered the intelligence of.

You should have enough pride in your work to be SERIOUSLY po-ed about being asked to write shoddy 2nd rate code because of PHB's in the first place.

OmG! They killed tilly! You *bleep*!!

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Node Type: note [id://304481]
[Corion]: erix: Yeah, I just found that it has no documentation at all on how to circumvent/ eliminate "1+n SELECTs" by building a local hash... I guess I have to make ->has_many do the hash lookup instead of doing the SQL query. But as the problem ...
[Corion]: ... has only manifested itself so far through the puzzled questions of other bystanders, I won't go deeper at this time. But the DBIx::Class documentation could well do with a document on how to make "it" (that is, ORMs in general) faster ;)
[Corion]: I find that DBIx::Class, like most ORMs makes things easy until they become performance critical and then makes it horribly hard to change things because the design is highly inflexible if you don't already know about the problems of 1+n :-/
[choroba]: that's why I don't like similar libraries. They pretend you don't have to learn SQL, but in the end, you have to learn how SQL plus to overcome their own limitations
[Corion]: "Just write the proper SQL beforehand" is of course the appropriate solution, but if you did that, you wouldn't/couldn't use DBIx::Class either. At least not in an obvious (to me) way.
choroba scratches a "how"
[Corion]: choroba: Exactly... But maybe that's just because I'm old and grumpy ;)
[Corion]: But maybe that could also be a nice talk, how to restructure your DBIx::Class-based app to remove 1+n-style query patterns
[Corion]: In theory, that should be easy because you should have the "where" clause from part 1 of the patterns and then do the corresponding single select using that where clause to select all rows in one go for the n other parts.

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