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The day's catch... Selected Best Nodes of All Time, 50 of the top 2000 nodes!

Selected Best Nodes of All Time!!

# Node Author Rep
1 "Don't try this at home" ferrency 289
2 Distribution of Levels and Writeups jZed 195
3 Shipping standalone perl apps on Win32 crenz 182
4 How to make a CPAN Module Distribution tachyon 181
5 Debugging Perl over the phone thelenm 170
6 Newbies, trying to help, and where to draw the line? Nemp 169
7 I think Perl ruined me as a programmer Petras 164
8 Re: Hide real IP Fletch 156
9 Guide to Building Secure Web Applications and Web Services cjf 151
10 Web Security merlyn 151
11 Welcome to the Monastery! Make yourself at home. newrisedesigns 148
12 Migrating a 1NF table to multiple 2NF tables jeffa 143
13 (OT) The Honest Cherry Bomb Ovid 139
14 State of the Monastery or an attempt to clear up at least some confusion vroom 134
15 RE (tilly) 2 (not html): Why I like functional programming tilly 130
16 Re: Re: Re: Second rate programmers and my confession Ovid 128
17 Accesskey and submit enhancement Hero Zzyzzx 127
18 Updating the Tutorials Node footpad 127
19 On Code Ownership mrborisguy 125
20 Bareword Regex davorg 124
21 inlined DEBUG constant versus $DEBUG stefp 124
22 (announce) Recently Active Threads demerphq 123
23 •Re: Perl Programming guidlines/rules merlyn 123
24 The Drama of Being a Developer I - Heroism, Specifications, and testing with the right mice. cacharbe 123
25 What do you know, and how do you know that you know it? tilly 120
26 Re: A message for Anonymous Monk koolgirl 119
27 "There are some stunningly novel ideas in Perl" -- Paul Graham grinder 119
28 How to apply patches to PM code tye 114
29 Re: poll ideas quest Zoogie 114
30 Interesting WTDI leriksen 113
31 (jeffa) Re: Can you teach a new dog an old trick? jeffa 112
32 Re: (stephen) Hash Tutorial stephen 109
33 Equivalency of Code rkosai 108
34 Greediness, or Paranoia? defyance 108
35 @_ still mystifies me PetaMem 107
36 Thoughts on designing a file format. demerphq 106
37 Re: Code Samples and Previous Employers autarch 106
38 Perl's Warn and Die Signals Adam 106
39 (tye)Re: The Ovidian Transform tye 105
40 (Revelation) Re: Where/When is OO useful? Revelation 104
41 When Test Suites Attack Ovid 103
42 Re: Never forget to RTFM properly - a story (-U) tye 102
43 What's the biggest piece of work you've done alone with Perl? Your Mother 101
44 symbolic increment of roman numerals PetaMem 101
45 Proof of concept: File::Index davido 100
46 better union of sets algorithm? perrin 100
47 japhy's regex article for the TPJ japhy 100
48 Re: A little schoolboy math (but my schooldays were a long time ago). Roger 100
49 On-demand single-pixel GIFs dws 100
50 (tye)Re: Unusual Closure Behaviour tye 100
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