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Re: Help With Custom War Dialer

by flyingmoose (Priest)
on Mar 10, 2004 at 16:03 UTC ( #335492=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Help With Custom War Dialer

I can't help, but I'll give you bonus points for the scariest and most-illegal sounding SOPW question ever :)

I think the only way you are going to be able to detect a FAX is by trying to speak a bit of FAX protcol and see if it "likes" you and returns FAX-like acknowledgements. Or maybe FAXEN don't like certain aspects of modem protocol and hang up. Who knows.

Good luck with it, sounds like a fun task.

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Re: Re: Help With Custom War Dialer
by arden (Curate) on Mar 10, 2004 at 16:37 UTC
    flyingmoose, that was my thought initially too, but after reading the post I am very impressed with it.

    I've looked around a bit and I found Ivrs which has some fax related information in it. Specifically, take a look at

    and the code in DEMO3. I think they'll at least put you on the right track, if not do most of the work for you. :^)

    - - arden.

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