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Re: Re: Module::Build and the PPM

by barbie (Deacon)
on May 18, 2004 at 14:33 UTC ( #354279=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re: Module::Build and the PPM
in thread Module::Build and the PPM

I disagree. Tying to keep some sort stability to the distributions, such as how their created and how their installed, as well as where to get them from and how to distiguish one type of install from another, is prefectly reasonable. By creating a mish-mash of everything, which is what is slowly happening at the moment, perhaps is sliding toward insanity.

However, I don't think it unreasonable to try and promote the idea that there are few different ways of installing Perl distributions. Underneath they are the same distribution, it's just that for some, they only know PPM, others use CPAN/CPANPLUS, etc... Afterall isn't Perl about having more than one way to do it? All I'm trying to suggest, is perhaps we ought to think about formalising some of the messages we are giving out to people on where to get Perl distributions and how to install them.

Barbie | Birmingham Perl Mongers |

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Re: Re: Re: Module::Build and the PPM
by jacques (Priest) on May 18, 2004 at 16:15 UTC
    I think most intelligent people would agree that standards are a good thing. Your two paragraphs, with two opposing views -- "a mish-mash of everything" and "isn't Perl about having more than one way" -- reveal a mind torn between common sense and a philosophy taken to the extreme.
      reveal a mind torn between common sense and a philosophy taken to the extreme
      Then I think you misunderstand what I was saying. Currently there is a growing complexity that can be confusing to those not in tune with how the grand scheme of things work. I would like to see more order brought to that complexity. I'm saying we should acknowledge those different distribution formats more clearly (whether by extension, repository or some other method), and better define the install method(s) appropriate to them.

      Not knowing what's what at a glance, and having to look things up, or download and check them by hand, is not going to do CPAN or any other repository, any favours.

      Barbie | Birmingham Perl Mongers user group |

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