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Trouble Installing HTML::Parser on MacOS X

by djantzen (Priest)
on May 28, 2004 at 19:14 UTC ( #357345=perlquestion: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??
djantzen has asked for the wisdom of the Perl Monks concerning the following question:

I've got 5.8.1 installed in the default locations set by Apple, but cannot get CPAN to install HTML::Parser and friends.

Logged in as root, I do the standard perl -MCPAN -e 'shell', and install HTML::Parser. I notice that it's complaining about not finding /usr/local/lib. Weird that it can't create the directories it requires since I'm root, but whatever, I create it manually. Now the error looks like this:

Checking if your kit is complete... Looks good Writing Makefile for HTML::Parser cp lib/HTML/ blib/lib/HTML/ cp lib/HTML/ blib/lib/HTML/ cp blib/lib/HTML/ cp lib/HTML/ blib/lib/HTML/ cp lib/HTML/ blib/lib/HTML/ cp lib/HTML/ blib/lib/HTML/ cp lib/HTML/ blib/lib/HTML/ /usr/bin/perl /System/Library/Perl/5.8.1/ExtUtils/xsubpp -typemap /Sy +stem/Library/Perl/5.8.1/ExtUtils/typemap -typemap typemap Parser.xs +> Parser.xsc && mv Parser.xsc Parser.c /usr/bin/perl mkhctype >hctype.h /usr/bin/perl mkpfunc >pfunc.h cc -c -g -pipe -pipe -fno-common -DPERL_DARWIN -no-cpp-precomp -fno- +strict-aliasing -I/usr/local/include -Os -DVERSION=\"3.36\" -DXS_VE +RSION=\"3.36\" "-I/System/Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2le +vel/CORE" -DMARKED_SECTION Parser.c Running Mkbootstrap for HTML::Parser () chmod 644 rm -f blib/arch/auto/HTML/Parser/Parser.bundle LD_RUN_PATH="" MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.3 cc -bundle -undefined dy +namic_lookup -L/usr/local/lib Parser.o -o blib/arch/auto/HTML/Parser +/Parser.bundle ld: can't locate file for: -lbundle1.o make: *** [blib/arch/auto/HTML/Parser/Parser.bundle] Error 1 /usr/bin/make -- NOT OK Running make test Can't test without successful make Running make install make had returned bad status, install seems impossible

Any suggestions? Thanks, djantzen

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Re: Trouble Installing HTML::Parser on MacOS X
by arcnon (Monk) on May 29, 2004 at 03:10 UTC
    did you install it in the same location as apple? If not your problem may be that your 5.6 modules have to be recompiled for 5.8.
Re: Trouble Installing HTML::Parser on MacOS X
by Cody Pendant (Prior) on May 31, 2004 at 03:54 UTC

    Did you get this fixed at all?

    I was hoping you did because I'm having the same problem. Even more annoyingly it's happening on the home machine but not the work machine...

    There is an OSX/Perl mailing list which has proved very helpful before now, but I don't have the details to hand...

    =~y~b-v~a-z~s; print
Re: Trouble Installing HTML::Parser on MacOS X
by Cody Pendant (Prior) on Jun 02, 2004 at 01:45 UTC

    OK I found the mailing list and almost instantly got help. has the fix, apparently, I haven't been able to test yet.

    Short answer, the version of cc is wrong, and changing

    ld='env MACOSX_DEPLOYMENT_TARGET=10.3 cc'
    in /System/Library/Perl/5.8.1/darwin-thread-multi-2level/ is the fix, or possibly changing it in the Makefile?

    Anyway, HTH. You should be able to find sign-up instructions for the list via that link.

    =~y~b-v~a-z~s; print

      Jeez, did I take long enough to respond? :) The fix suggested on that list didn't help even a little bit. But I found last night when trying to compile nmap that my C compiler was unable to create an executable. Given that my previous attempts to compile modules utilizing C components failed when trying to find the output files from the C compilation, I think the problem was in general an inability to create object files.

      In any case, I upgraded my version of Xcode Tools to 1.5 and now everything is working perfectly.

      "The dead do not recognize context" -- Kai, Lexx

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