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myocom's scratchpad

by myocom (Deacon)
on Jun 13, 2004 at 18:49 UTC ( #366312=scratchpad: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

Here, hacker - try this standalone script:
my $beamable = $ARGV[0]; if ($beamable && ($beamable =~ /(1|true|yes)/i)) { $beamable = '--beamable'; $beamable_msg = "Yes, beamable"; print "In clause 1\n"; } elsif ($beamable && ($beamable =~ /(0|false|no)/i)) { $beamable = '--not-beamable'; $beamable_msg = "No, copy-protected"; print "In clause 2\n"; } else { $beamable = ''; $beamable_msg = "Unspecified, defaults to beamable"; print "In clause 3\n"; } print "At the end, beamable is $beamable and the msg is $beamable_msg\ +n";
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[Discipulus]: focus on Perl LA; you can already search multiline patterns
[erix]: grep is a program, not a regex-engine
[Tanktalus]: perldigious: I'm 20 years in, and I don't want to move ;)
[Lady_Aleena]: erix, right, it searches files for a pattern. pcregrep is supposed to do the same thing with the addition of being able to search multiline.
[erix]: ah, pcregrep is a stanalone program?
[Lady_Aleena]: erix, yes.
[Lady_Aleena]: pcre stands for 'Perl Compatible Regular Expressions'.
[erix]: ok, ok, I thought you meant the engine
[perldigious]: Tanktalus: Ha, understandable, that does make it harder when you don't want to move. I assume you are looking at remote work from home jobs too?
[Tanktalus]: yeah, I'm looking at a lot of remote work - I've been working from home since 2002, so I know how to do the work from remote, I just need a new employer ;)

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