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Re: Re-ordering items by $id from a flat file

by hbo (Monk)
on Jun 22, 2004 at 04:31 UTC ( #368611=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re-ordering items by $id from a flat file

I plead "insufficient data" to solve your problem. There's too much left out of the code. Let me comment on the code to indicate why I think so. In what follows, I have adjusted the indentation to match what I'm used to. It helps me to understand the flow.
################## sub reordermenu { ################## accesscheck(); @menuitems = Cobra::chomp_database("$datadir/defaults/menu.dat", "0" +); open (DATABASE,"<$datadir/defaults/menu.dat"); hold (DATABASE); @menuitems = <DATABASE>; release (DATABASE); close (DATABASE);
There's a lot missing here. access_check(), hold() and release() all seem to have obvious meanings, but what the heck does Cobra::chomp_database() do in relation to what follows? It probably doesn't matter, though.
MENUITEM: for ($ndx=0; $ndx<= $#menuitems; $ndx++) { ($fid,$fmenu_type,$fmenu_show,$fmenu_filename, $fmenu_name,$fmenu_icon)=split(/\|/,$menuitems[$ndx]); if ($fid eq $info{'m_id'}) { last MENUITEM; } }
The MENUITEM label is superfluous, since there's only the one loop. The if block could be recast in typical Perl postfix style as:
last if ($fid eq $info{'m_id'});
Next we have:
$swap=false; if ($m_action eq "moveup" && $ndx != 0) { $tondx = $ndx - 1; $swap=true; } elsif ($m_action eq "movedown" && $ndx != $#menuitems) { $tondx = $ndx + 1; $swap=true; }
OK, where does "$m_action" come from? Do we really just swap once in this sub? Are you loading the entire database and saving it for just one swap? Something seems to be missing.

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Re^2: Re-ordering items by $id from a flat file
by Migey (Initiate) on Jun 22, 2004 at 08:28 UTC
    accesscheck() is a seperate sub that verifies if the user trying to access this function has the proper access level.

    Hold/release are just the new standards for lock/unlock or file_lock/unfile_lock but are not necessary for this sub.

    Cobra is a seperate .pm file for this portal that I don't fully understand yet but was also not necessary for this sub. It can array db items with the one line of code rather than going through the normal open/@/close method.
    $m_action is defined in a previous sub that shows calls all actions and operations for a selected menu being modified.
      OK, but the important question is the last one. Are we doing one swap per call? What is the context of this sub?

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