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Re^3: A modest request of Merlyn

by delirium (Chaplain)
on Jul 15, 2004 at 11:29 UTC ( #374611=note: print w/replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Re^2: A modest request of Merlyn
in thread A modest request of Merlyn

One of the two of us here is trolling, and it's not me. Not only is your comment out of line and not contributing to this dicussion in the least, neither glue nor staples would be needed:

Bumper stickers are self-adhesive.

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Re^4: A modest request of Merlyn
by jryan (Vicar) on Jul 16, 2004 at 20:46 UTC

    Discussion? What discussion? Talk about missing the point. The entire essense of this thread was nothing but a bunch of hypocritical whining. Anyone who likes to flame on Fark and Slashdot has thick enough skin where being called a "fool" shouldn't even register. I guess that you think that this form of posturing is a way to become popular here, but frankly, its annoying as hell.

    Its this kind of bullshit (the kind of bullshit where people are more concerned about this site or their reputations on this site rather than the content of this site) that make people like Abigail leave. Its this kind of bullshit that make many of the heavy-hitters in the perl community avoid this site like the plauge. You posted some code that you didn't think through/test thoroughly, and you were called out on it. Its happened to most of us here. Its happened to me several times. So, you got offended by the way you were called out on it? Get mad at at the person all you want, its your right. Send them an angry email or a few angry /msgs. But, there sure as hell isn't any reason to post a root node about it. Get over yourself. FYAD.

      Not to drag this out any further, but I have neither whined nor flamed. I do not post on Slashdot or Fark. After reading through my posts in this thread again, I don't see where they could be interpreted as posturing.

      By continuing to defend myself in this thread, I am doing nothing good to my reputation, so I obviously don't care about that. I posted some cheap XP whoring code, and I don't mind being "called", as you put it, on that.

      My soap box has one message on it: Don't say you're not attacking people personally when you attack them personally.

      Two questions: Why all the swearing? What does FYAD mean? If it is "Fuck you and die", and since you live in the same city as me, am I supposed to be watching my back now? Should I worry about my kid when she goes out to play?

        Why all of the swearing? That's how I talk. I used to try to keep seperate language profiles for seperate contexts, especially on The Internet, but I eventually concluded that was stupid. I guess thats why I became so infuriated when you seemed to suggest that you did. If you don't, then I'll at least apologize for assuming you did. However, this thread still infuriates me. If you only had a problem with Merlyn, logic suggests that you would have taken it up with him man-to-man. In a way, this thread itself is a personal attack against Merlyn's reputation. I think that you were trying to save some face, garner some sympathy, and have a little bit of reputation revenge.

        Should you watch your kid when she goes out to play? I'm not a parent, but it seems like a good idea. But, don't do it on account of me. I stopped taking The Internet seriously a long time ago. FYAD does indeed mean Fuck You And Die, but I think you have the meaning a little off. Similar to how "Damn" is a harsher version of "Darn", "FYAD" is just a harsher version of "Fuck you man, you're an asshole."

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