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Re: Golf: Fix de facto HTML comments

by Wassercrats
on Jul 18, 2004 at 23:40 UTC ( #375438=note: print w/ replies, xml ) Need Help??

in reply to Golf: Fix de facto HTML comments

What would be the count on this if I took advantage of the idioms and defaults and stuff?
while ($input =~ s/(.*?)(<.*?>)//) { $w=$1; $q=$2; 1 while $q =~ s/(--.*?)-(.*?-->)/$1¬$2/sg; $output .= "$w$q"; }
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Re^2: Golf: Fix de facto HTML comments
by Solo (Deacon) on Jul 19, 2004 at 00:24 UTC
    Looks about 116.
    You said you wanted to be around when I made a mistake; well, this could be it, sweetheart.

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